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What are Video Lessons?

The influence of digital content in our everyday lives is undeniable. A video lesson could be an instructor explaining a subject or visually appealing content to help students learn through visualisation. MCB.Live provides free videos using AI. and premium content from top eLearning content creators like Unacademy, Don’t Memorise, Practically and others. Be it math tutorials, physics experiments, biology explanations, animated grammar lessons, there’s that just-right video clip out there to complement your lesson.

Benefits of Video Lessons in the classroom


Engaging sensory experience

Video content creates a more engaging and lasting experience than print material alone as users get to see and hear. This helps students to understand the concept and process it just like any other interaction.


Increased knowledge retention

Videos improve students’ knowledge retention as they can repeat the lesson multiple times as needed. They can also be used for revision at a later point.


Learning assistant for all subjects

Video lessons assist in learning any subject, especially the topics that are complex and need highly visual such as step-by-step procedures, explanation with experiments or diagrams, etc.


Increase digital proficiency

Online learning helps students become more technologically savvy which is an important 21st-century skill.


How can Video Lessons be helpful?

MCB.Live provides free and premium learning content to students of all boards. Resources from the world’s top e-learning vendors will help students take their learning to the next level at their own pace and convenience.