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Learn from online textbooks and solutions licensed by authors and publishers


What are Textbooks & Solutions?

Textbooks & Solutions serve students to learn independently at a faster pace. Technology-based study material can reduce the amount of time it takes for students to achieve new learning objectives as they tend to read more as the material is more accessible.

Students can refer to Textbooks to understand the original content and Solutions to decipher what the text says.

Benefits of Textbooks & Solutions


Zero Wait Delivery

Students need not wait for the books to be available in the stores or get delivered. Digital textbooks & solutions are available for immediate use. Students can start learning without wasting any time.


Environmentally Friendly

Honestly, the future of our environment is quite uncertain. By opting paperless resources, we play our part in conserving natural resources and reducing the carbon footprint on the planet.



E-textbooks or digital textbooks cost 50-60% less than the print versions as there are no shipping, delivery and printing costs involved. Students can save and invest these extra funds to obtain additional resources or for afterschool programs.


Reduced Storage Space

No more heavy school bags or study rooms crammed with books. With Textbooks & Solutions, you can refer to different study materials, read texts and better understand a topic without having overstuffed shelves.



Online Textbooks & Solutions give students the freedom to highlight, quickly search for major terns under grades, subjects, chapter titles, adjust font sizes, etc. without worrying about ruining the books with markings. The Solutions part also comes with practice questions based off of chapters they’ve read from the Textbooks.


On-the-go Learning

Students can multi-task as online study material can be accessed from anywhere at any time, making last-minute revisions or homework assignments easy. This makes time for other commitments while still putting academics on the frontline as you can learn on-the-go from pocket-sized phones.


Why Textbooks & Solutions?

For the most part, traditional textbooks are not only underused but also heavy and expensive for students. As media literacy is increasingly catching up and the modern world favours the technologically savvy, it is important to embrace digitised versions of traditional materials. Textbooks & Solutions enables students to refer and learn from multiple solution references and books, unlike when using printed materials.