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What are Flashcards?

A flashcard is a card bearing information with words or numbers used to learn and revise basics like facts, formulas, etc. in classroom drills, presentations and private study.

Both sides of flashcards bear information, the question on one side and its answer on the other. Digital flashcards are more accessible and enable on-the-go study. Flashcards can be used to learn vocabulary, historical names and dates, formulae or any subject matter that can be learned through question-and-answer format or simply through memorisation.

Benefits of online flashcards


Learn anywhere, anytime

On a commute, during a break—review flashcards from any device


Find the right flashcards

From our archive of millions of flashcards, find the right deck based on subjects and grades


Get learning done

Accomplish something new even if small and find the motivation to keep going


Test your knowledge

Memorise quickly & effectively as flashcards stimulate tactile learning


Empower with confidence

Help every learner confidently learn anything no matter what they are trying to achieve



There is no need to buy hundreds of paper flashcards ensuring you become carbon neutral in no time


How are e-flashcards helpful?

Students find flashcards visually more appealing. There are endless ways to use this fantastic resource to present, practice and revise new concepts. It helps learners to memorise key points at a glance and helps learn basics quickly.