Learn what interests you from the best of minds

Master skills of your interest with world-class experts


What are Master Classes?

Master Classes at MCB.Live is not like any other average class where students will be expected to complete assignments and track progress.

Instead, it is an immersive experience that relies on you to make the most out of it. Classes cover topics like writing, chess, sports, music, science, entrepreneurship, career counselling, and more.

Benefits of Master Classes :



Connect virtually with our highly proficient teachers, sports players, scholars and artists across the country in real-time.



Deepen your understanding on a wide range of subjects by hearing questions being answered live.


Expert Guidance

Master Classes produce live classes with renowned experts in their respective fields.


Range of Topics

Learn about a range of skills such as entrepreneurship and coding skills — all on Master Classes.


Diverse Audience

Both beginners and professionals can access classes by industry experts are recommended for b.


Intuitive to Use

Our intuitive interface makes learning so much easier and you can venture into new territories and gain inspiration to pursue new streams.


How are Master Classes useful?

Master Classes is a platform to access real-time knowledge from the accomplished. This helps students to attend classes of multiple experts for subjects that intrigue or interest them. If you are interested in learning how to build entrepreneurship skills, attend the live webinar scheduled by top entrepreneurs. Master Classes allows you to discover the depth behind every profession and their journey. It broadens your perspective towards a particular skill.