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What is Study Material?

MCB.Live offers online Study Material for CBSE, ICSE, SSC and other boards like NCERT Textbook Solutions, Previous Year Question Papers & Sample Papers, Important Questions to help students score well in examinations.

By studying from Study Material, students can get exam-ready and ace any exams with ease.

Benefits of Study Material


Access to updated content

The prime benefit of Study Material is online learning that makes sure you are in synchrony with modern learners and latest content. With Study Material, students can access updated content whenever they want.


Quick understanding

When compared to traditional classroom learning, Study Material allows you to quickly access reference material when needed saving time and increasing productivity.


Increased effectiveness

Study Material results in improved scores on tests, examinations and other forms of evaluation. The average pass percentage will increase dramatically as everyone can access resources.


Access from anywhere

Students need not run around purchasing dozens of “recommended” books instead everything they need can be accessed right on their device from the comfort of home.


Reduced costs

Cost-effective resource provision when compared to purchasing hard copies of material you might not even need.


How is Study Material useful?

Study Material is an accessible, flexible and efficient way to learn from various study sources. Students can access these materials at all times. We bring the updated version of study material and not have to purchase the re-printed editions which are not only expensive but also unfriendly to the environment.