Learn the right way with Assessments

Monitor your learning in a systematic and independent way


What are Assessments?

Assessment involves learners to gauge their own understanding of a subject or the outcomes of their learning. It is a valuable approach to supporting student learning.

MCB.Live’s Assessments offer students starting from pre-primary to Grade XII with over 200,000 subject-wise quizzes.

Benefits of Assessments


Develop meta-cognitive skills

Assessments help students to develop important judgement skills that play a major role in academic success and later for professional competence.


Increases self-awareness

Reflective practice like self-assessments makes criteria for self-evaluation clearer and makes performance improvement practices important to continuous learning while helping them understand their weak areas.


Autonomous learning

Helps students learn and assess at their own pace allowing them to manage their learning and progress independently.


No peer pressure

Students can assess themselves without the pressure of competition instead they set themselves up against their own previous performance.


Why are Assessments important?

Assessments encourage students to reflect on their practice and whether it meets the goals set for thorough learning of concepts. It makes students confident about their subject knowledge as they can quickly correct themselves after an assessment eliminating fear or uncertainties.